Quantcast Fire-Fighting Facilities

Diesel- and gasoline-powered vehicles operating within 25 feet of a structure or magazine must be equipped with
properly installed spark arresters.
Matches or other flame- or spark-producing devices will not be permitted in any ammunition storage area or
explosives area except by written authority of the commanding officer or a designated representative.
Smoking within areas containing explosives, ammunition, highly combustible materials, or flammable items will be
strictly regulated and controlled.  Where it is believed that smoking can be safely regulated, specifically
designated smoking locations, approved by the commander, must be established. The smoking area must be
separated by a distance of at least 50 feet from the ammunition or explosive area. Suitable receptacles must be
provided for cigarette butts.
Only permanently installed electrical lighters of approved types will be used in the designated smoking area. At
least one class 1A-rated portable fire extinguisher will be provided at designated smoking locations.
Flashlights or storage-battery lamps used in buildings containing ammunition, explosives, or flammable vapors
will be types approved by the United States Bureau of Mines.
Electrical lines serving explosives operating facilities should be installed underground from a point not less than
50 feet away from the facilities.
Gasoline or other highly flammable liquids will not be used for cleaning purposes.
Parking areas should be designated and preferably located outside of the restricted area.
Ammunition boxes, containers, dunnage, and lumber must be stacked in an orderly manner when in the vicinity of
explosives renovation, handling, or storage operations.
Fire-Fighting Facilities
Fire-fighting facilities are of immediate importance to personnel within the MSA. Fighting fires in their beginning
stages can prevent a major fire or a mass detonation of ammunition stocks. Keep in mind that personnel must
not be exposed to the hazards of an imminent explosion. The fire-fighting equipment available varies depending
on the permanency of the facility, the types of ammunition stored, and the availability of fire-fighting organizations.
Temporary facilities may be equipped with the following items:
Water barrels.
Sand boxes.
Water-type extinguishers.
Backpack pumps.
Other equipment (such as fire beaters).
Permanent facilities may be provided with the following items:
2.5-gallon water-type extinguishers.
Four-gallon backpack pumps.
Multi-purpose dry chemical extinguishers.


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