Quantcast Protective Clothing Sets

Symbol 1 in Figure 3 indicates that full protective clothing with a SCBA must be worn by all personnel in the
hazard area. The protective clothing needed is indicated by the color of the outer edge of the symbol.
Symbol 2 in Figure 3 indicates that fire fighters must wear a gas mask or SCBA in areas so marked. This is
usually because of the presence of incendiary or other highly-flammable chemical agents.
The meaning of symbol 3 in Figure 3 is clear. The use of water on the chemical marked with this symbol could
spread the fire or cause an explosion. This usually involves chemicals such as oil-based incendiaries, metallic
sodium, and triethyl aluminum (TEA) or HC smoke.
Protective Clothing Sets
When working on an accident in an area with a chemical hazard symbol 1 the individual should wear full
protective clothing with an M40 series mask or SCBA, or a new self-contained toxic environment protective outfit
(STEPO) that is currently issued to EOD, Tech Escort, and depot personnel for an IDLH or a highly toxic
environment. Full protective clothing sets are divided into sets 1, 2, and 3. The different sets are indicated by
different colors of the figure and of the rim. Note: Fire fighters equipped with normal heat-resistant bunker suits
and SCBA do not need protective Clothing Sets 2 and 3.
Note: These sets are not mission-oriented protective posture (MOPP) gear.
Protective Clothing Set 1. Protective clothing set 1 is indicated by a red figure and rim. This is the toxicological
agents protective (TAP) clothing set. It is used when working on accidents at sites marked with the G, VX, and H
symbols. The items that must be worn are as follows:
 An M3 TAP suit with a protective mask or SCBA.
 An M2 TAP hood.
Protective footwear.
TAP gloves.
Protective Clothing Set 2. Protective Clothing Set 2 is indicated by a yellow figure and rim. This clothing set is
used for incidents/accidents involving riot-control gases, blood and choking gases, or FS/FM smoke symbol. The
items that must be worn are as follows:
 A protective mask or SCBA.
Rubber gloves.
Protective Clothing Set 3. Protective Clothing Set 3 is indicated by a white figure and rim. This clothing set is
used when fighting fires involving WP and TEA. Items that must be worn are as follows:
 A protective mask standard, special purpose, or SCBA.
Flame-resistant coveralls.
Flame-resistant gloves.


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