Quantcast Figure 2-5. DD Form 1575 (Suspended Tag-Materiel) and DD Form 1575-1 (Suspended Label-Materiel)

Figure 2-5. DD Form 1575 (Suspended Tag-Materiel) and DD Form 1575-1 (Suspended Label-Materiel).
DA Form 4508 (Ammunition Transfer Record)
The DA Form 4508, shown in Figure 2-7, is used for local ACC, NSN, nomenclature, lot number, and SN
changes. It is processed through the ammunition surveillance organization, and provides the accountable officer
with a basis for changing stock accounting records
Equipment Logbooks and Maintenance Logs
The results of inspections and the maintenance performed on missiles and associated test and handling equipment
are maintained according to DA Pamphlet 738-750.
Storage Monitoring Record
A locally-devised format, which may be either manual or automated, is used to record the performance of storage
monitoring for each lot or SN of items requiring such monitoring. When the storage monitoring reflects
nonstandard conditions, the results of the monitoring and the action taken are posted to the DA Form 3022-R.


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