Quantcast Basic Load Computation

You treat a technical assistance visit the same as you treat a basic load inspection, including getting
documentation from the S4 and reporting to the unit commander. You inspect the same as in a real inspection.
Afterwards, you notify the unit commander and the ammunition NCO of any discrepancies and safety violations
and of the corrective actions required. You have 30 days to write your report. It is like the basic load inspection
report, but you send out only one, the original, directly to the unit commander. Keep a copy for your files.
You may have to compute the basic load of a particular DODAC item during an inspection or technical
assistance visit to see if the unit maintains the correct quantity according to its TOE/MTOE.
Start by reviewing the TOE/MTOE under which the unit is organized.  All the equipment the unit is
authorized to have on hand by equipment level is in Section III: Equipment Allowances. See Figure 5. For the
purpose of this subcourse, the unit is authorized the quantities listed under Equipment Level 1.
Next, look at the TOE/MTOE for the weapon systems the unit has. Determine what weapon will go with
each vehicle that the unit is authorized. The Basic Load Requirements sheet (Figure 6) gives ammunition
requirements that depend on vehicles that have the weapon.
Two examples are given here for computing basic load. The first, ball cartridge, 5.56 millimeter, is relatively
simple. The second, cartridge, 7.62 millimeter, is more complicated. You must understand these procedures
thoroughly before you try any computations on your own.
Example 1: Ball Cartridge, 5.56 Millimeter
Look at Figure 5. Go down the list and find "Rifle 5.56 millimeter. M16A1 W/E." To the right, listed under
Equipment Level 1, you will find that the unit is authorized 189 rifles.
Next, find the quantity of ammunition by type that is authorized per weapon system. This information must
be extracted from the Basic Load Requirements sheet tabulated by the S3 (operations and training officer}, which
usually comes with the basic load directive (the cover letter with the TOE/MTOE that gives the unit the authority
to request its basic load). See Figure 6. Look in the Weapon/Equipment column. You will find "Rifle 5.56mm"
listed. Below it, you will see the type of ammunition fired by the weapon-"Ctg. 5.56mm." Under "Ctg. 5.56mm,"
there are two types of cartridges authorized to be in the basic load, ball and tracer.
To determine the total quantity of 5.56mm ball cartridges authorized, multiply the rounds authorized per
weapon, which is found in the column to the right on the sheet, by the number of weapons.
If you are doing the entire unit basic load, you will have to go through this procedure for each item authorized
for the unit basic load.


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