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There are three times ammunition is destroyed on purpose: before evacuation, to prevent use by
the enemy in forward areas that are being overrun; to destroy an entire ammunition supply point (ASP)
in danger of being overrun; or to carry out the authorization on a DA Form 2415 (Ammunition Condition
Report) (ACR) (Figure 1). The third reason is the most common and happens several times in the
careers of most ammunition specialists. Except in wartime emergencies, the senior ammunition NCO
has to prepare a plan for each ACR-directed ammunition disposal operation. This subcourse deals with
the general procedures necessary for planning a peacetime disposal operation.  Each disposal
operation is different and details for each will depend on local SOP, geographical location, weather,
environment, and what must be destroyed.
The decision to destroy ammunition in peacetime happens when an inspector at any echelon
discovers that some ammunition has deteriorated (corrosion, damage, fuzes suspended from issue,
etc.) to the point it is dangerous or is no longer repairable or serviceable. That inspector fills out and
disseminates an ACR.
The planner, the ammunition senior NCO in the magazine platoon, gets a copy of the DA Form
2415 from the stock control section. While the planner proceeds, stock control is filling out a DA Form
1348-1 (DOD Single Line Item Release/Receipt Document) for each item. The DA Forms 1348-1 are
sent to the surveillance section so the items can be recoded to condition code H, which they must be to
be destroyed. Only then can they be released for destruction.
Implicit in any plan is safety. General safety considerations are in TM 9-1300-206, Ammunition and
Explosives Standards. Safety factors for personnel, the site, and the munitions to be destroyed are
shown in the Table below.
Table. Safety Considerations for Planning Ammunition Destruction.


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