Quantcast The M-33 tracking radar uses a metallic lens antenna.

32. The M-33 tracking radar uses a metallic lens antenna.
Figure 154 shows the M-33 tracking antenna and its narrow cone-
shaped beam pattern.  The vertical and horizontal beamwidth is 1-1/4 degrees
and the antenna has a gain of about 10,000 over a simple dipole.
disadvantage of a metallic lens antenna is that it is usually more bulky and
heavier than a comparable antenna with a reflector.
Figure 154.
M-33 Metallic Lens Antenna.
33. Final summary.
a. This lesson has explained the purpose of an antenna and the reasons
why there are so many kinds.  As an ATC systems, subsystems, and equipment
repairer, you will probably work with the types of antennas covered in this
b. Remember that antennas are mechanically strong.
If you keep them
clean and dry, and don't dent them, they won't need repairing.
When you
have to replace a part, make sure you use an exact duplicate to ensure
proper impedance matching and transfer of energy.
c. Here again is a list of the most important points covered in this


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